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Faith Richardson

Freelance Writer

Location icon United Kingdom

27 year old freelance writer and editorial assistant for High Life North. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Overbearing animal mother and second hand clothes scavenger.

I specialise in writing about fashion, relationships, mental health & lifestyle! If you're looking for articles, blogs and web content that's relatable and engaging, and even manages to be funny occasionally, then I'd love to hear from you.

High Life North
Lust List | 8 May 2020 | High Life North

High Life North is a digital magazine for women. Launched in 2019, HLN provides a one-stop shop for women in the North East to consume everything from fashion to food, careers and challenging topics. We're not glossy, we're real and we want to showcase and inspire women across our website, weekly email and social channels.

High Life North
Dr Uzma Olbrich on how to protect our skin | High Life North

Choose a sunscreen with "broad spectrum" protection. Sunscreens with this label protect against both UVA and UVB rays. All sunscreen products protect against UVB rays, which are the main cause of sunburn and skin cancers. But UVA rays also contribute to skin cancer and premature ageing.

High Life North
Our top self-tan picks | High Life North

With Summer rolling closer, we're all baring a little more skin and wondering just how exactly we ended up so pale over the Winter. Rather than risking your skin by lounging in the sun in your back garden, give yourself a healthy glow the safe way.

High Life North
Lust List | 1 May 2020 | High Life North

High Life North is a digital magazine for women. Launched in 2019, HLN provides a one-stop shop for women in the North East to consume everything from fashion to food, careers and challenging topics. We're not glossy, we're real and we want to showcase and inspire women across our website, weekly email and social channels.

How Coronavirus Might Change The Fashion Industry

It's no secret that the fashion industry has been under pressure for some time to improve its devastating impact on the environment. Now, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has had its hand forced. Mass production has slowed to a halt and fewer people are spending their money on fast fashion thanks to the lockdown taking away the need for a new outfit every weekend.

High Life North
Indoor plants to boost your mood | High Life North

Indoor plants have been having a bit of a moment recently. You only need to scroll through Instagram to see them spilling from bookshelves, filling an empty corner and bringing some life to an otherwise minimal space.

High Life North
CBD Myth-Busting: Breaking The Cannabis Stigma | High Life North

We are a small dedicated team of passionate individuals who simply want to improve the lives of as many people as we can. We are cannabinoid medicine specialists with expertise in health and wellbeing. We offer high-quality organic cannabis products alongside well-informed advice.

High Life North
How to make your clothes last longer | High Life North

I don't mean forever - I'm sure your desk-mate at work (when we finally get back to work!) won't thank you for it if you stop washing your shirts! However, one of the biggest mistakes most people make when it comes to clothing care is over washing them.

High Life North
How to avoid reaching for the vino during lockdown | High Life North

With bars, pubs and clubs all out of action for the foreseeable future, many of us have been taking to creating our own nights out in our living rooms. With online pub quizzes, drinks with friends over FaceTime, and endless nights in front of us with nothing to get up for in the morning, it's easy to see why we've all started to up the ante on our drinking habits.

High Life North
Lust List | 10 April 2020 | High Life North

High Life North is a digital magazine for women. Launched in 2019, HLN provides a one-stop shop for women in the North East to consume everything from fashion to food, careers and challenging topics. We're not glossy, we're real and we want to showcase and inspire women across our website, weekly email and social channels.

High Life North
Self-care tips for frontline workers | High Life North

Some key workers have been forced to move out of their family home to protect their loved ones from possibly catching the virus, others may already have been living alone, and some may just be trying to carve out some much-needed "me time". Whatever your alone time looks like, try to make the most of it.

High Life North
Think you can't teach an old dog new tricks? | High Life North

Many of us will have recently found ourselves spending a prolonged amount of time with our furry best friends, and whilst we have to agree they make excellent substitutes for our usual co-workers, it may also have made you realise that they may not be as perfectly trained as you first thought.

High Life North
Podcasts to keep you entertained during self-isolation | High Life North

Here at High Life North we're just a little bit obsessed with podcasts. There truly is a podcast out there for everything, whether you're interested in business advice, true crime stories, parenting tips or fashion advice. We didn't want to keep them all to ourselves, so we've put together a list of our top podcasts at the moment.

High Life North
How to get a good workout in without leaving the house | High Life North

The best way to maximise your workout is to work in a circuit. This way you're breaking a sweat and working all your muscles in the most effective way possible. All the following exercises can be done with or without weights, so don't worry if you don't have your own personal set of dumbbells to use.

High Life North
How to pass the time if you're self-isolating | High Life North

Gyms can be a notorious hot-bed of germs, but staying home doesn't mean you need to miss a workout. If you're starting to get sick of the sight of your living room, take your workout into the garden for some fresh air. Download a new app, or try an exercise that you haven't tried before.

Rock n Roll Bride
Alternative Wedding Rings for the Ultimate Non-Traditional Commitment

The exchanging of the rings is one of the most exciting and personal moments in any wedding. You also have to look at your wedding band every day, so making sure your rings are personal and authentically you is super important for even the most non-traditional couples.

Trend Bible
Trend Predictions

A trend publication I created based on the future trends of interior design for 2019 as part of a live brief with Trend Bible.

Core Issue 2

A publication I created as my final project in university. It centres on feminism and diversity with a quirky twist. All articles, photography, illustrations and layout done by me for degree in Fashion Communication at Northumbria University.

Core Issue 1

First issue of my publication, Core, created as part of my final project for my degree in Fashion Communication at Northumbria University. Based on feminism, diversity and mental health. All photoshoots, illustrations, articles and layout by me.

i-D/All Walks Beyond the Catwalk
We Should All Be Raising the Bar

Article written for a live brief with i-D magazine and All Walks Beyond the Catwalk for the Diversity Now competition.

Graduate Fashion Week
How To: Gain Experience Outside London - Graduate Fashion Week

With the prices of renting and accommodation in London sky high, the cost of an internship in London puts off thousands of students from the rest of the country. According to Homes and Property, the average cost of renting a room in London is around £743 a month, a figure that doesn't take into account the price of travel or food.

Graduate Fashion Week
Why We Need Mary Quant's Feminist Legacy More Than Ever - Graduate Fashion Week

To celebrate the launch of our competition to win tickets to the V&A's retrospective of the life and works of Mary Quant, GFW contributor Faith Richardson gives us a brief history of one of Britain's iconic designers, whose feminist influence can still be seen almost 70 years later. Head to

Graduate Fashion Week
How To: Stay Healthy at Uni - Graduate Fashion Week

When you're studying at uni, particularly if you're living away from home, it can be easy to fall into some bad habits when it comes to taking care of yourself. With lectures to attend and a stressful workload, it's easy to skip exercising in favour of a few extra hours' work (or sleep) and buy yourself takeaways and microwave meals so you can eat quickly and easily.

Graduate Fashion Week
How To: Manage Your Money at Uni - Graduate Fashion Week

Squirrel me is the most straight forward way of managing your money - you simply upload your essential monthly outgoings (rent, bills, food etc.) into the app and it calculates exactly how much you have left to play with each month.

Graduate Fashion Week
UCA Rochester's Cultural Trip - Graduate Fashion Week

Colour was also a running theme amongst the collections, with some opting for all out, in-your-face palettes, whilst others stuck to monochrome with splashes of colour to tie them together, such as Tamsin Coasby's show-closing collection. Oversized puffer coats, trousers and jackets were her stand-out pieces, including a floor-sweeping exaggerated quilted jacket and a one-armed boxy outerwear garment.

Finding your style in 2019 - is it that easy?

It's unavoidable - influencers are everywhere. Whether it's fashion and beauty or fitness and lifestyle, social media is filled with people looking to share their lives and influence us to live a little bit more like them. This tidal wave of fashion inspo poses the question, however; can you still have your own personal style?...

A Thirsty Girls Travel Guide - NYC

Nowhere on Earth quite compares to New York. Whether you're planning a brief city break or a 2-week long stay, everyone leaves feeling like they still haven't managed to see everything. The city buzzes with creativity and potential, and there's nowhere else in the world you can find so much culture crammed into one tiny...

Social Media - Avoiding that Bulls**t

The devil in disguise - why not only women, but men struggle with the day to day pressures of social media and how you can avoid it. Whether you're a big fan of it or not, social media is a huge pa...

Loving Lingerie for A Thirsty Girl

It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes... but leave these on. Summer might be creeping to a close and we're all starting to think longingly of oversized jumpers and pumpkin spice everything, but that doesn't mean your best underwear has to be relegated to the back of the drawer.

Savalas Models
George Barker GEYM Paris | Savalas Models

Back in July, George Barker took a trip down to London to shoot for GEYM Paris. GEYM (Go East Young Man) is a Menswear brand who focus on creating stunning, sharp performance wear using the highest quality fabrics and brand new, cutting edge technology. The shoot took place in an arcade in London with photographer ...

Savalas Models
Lee Jay Hoy - Oliver Spencer A/W18 Look Book | Savalas Models

Oliver Spencer is known for its relaxed take on men's styling. GQ described it as a "uniquely British take on relaxed style" - so it was a natural choice for them to choose Lee Jay Hoy Lee, with his classically British appearance of strong cheekbones and a tall athletic frame, to be one of the ...

Savalas Models
Thomas Dunn fronts END. Clothing's app of the day | Savalas Models

Lat Friday's Apple store App of the Day was END. Clothing, The leading brand for men's fashion and style which was fronted by our very own Thomas Dunn. Stocking brands from Comme Des Garçons to Givenchy and Stussy, END. have always been the leading retailer of luxury and designer streetwear.

Savalas Models
Grace in Paris | Savalas Models

North East girl, Grace Sharp has recently made a big impact in the French market. Grace made her debut in Paris Couture fashion week, meeting with some of the biggest names in the industry, attending castings & fittings, as well as shooting magazine editorials. She has managed to pack a lot into her few weeks ...

Oh Comely Live Brief @ Northumbria University
Oh Comely Interview

A mock up of a spread for Oh Comely magazine, created during a live brief with them during my degree at Northumbria University. Interview, writing, layout and photography done by me.

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